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Rotary Technology teams have been servicing printing and packaging industries for over twenty years, and have also accumulated extensive experiences in roll to roll converting and rotary die-cutting. Our teams know how to make precise tools to allow converters achieving excellent printing results, precise printing registration. Our teams know what type of rotary tools, should be recommended to achieve the best possible balance between good die-cut results and costs control.

Tailored for applications in various industries
Rotary Technology introduced advanced manufacturing equipment and process from Europe and other western countries, with rigorous procedures and QC standards, the main factory in Guangzhou China manufactures wide range of rotary tools to suit converting applications in various industries.
Rotary die-cut face stock of pressure sensitive label materials, also commonly called as kiss cut or half cut, most label converting companies nowadays would choose Magnetic Cylinder and Flexible Dies...
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Hang Tags
To full cut also known as cut through hang tags, with many occasions involve in-line waste removing, Flexible Dies can only be used in limited applications, such as simple shapes or small volume. But...
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Paper Cups
Paper cups and boxes are quite often involved using thicker cardboard materials. Flexible Dies could not be made with sufficiently high enough blades to crush cut clean of thick cardboard materials, o...
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Rotary die-cut envelopes involves cut through or sometimes crush creasing. It requires either Flexible Dies or Solid Rotary Dies according to different types of envelope converting machines.
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Carton Boxes
Folding carton boxes printed and die-cut on narrow web converting machines, not only requires cut through clean of entire boxes, but also requires making folding lines. Among all folding lines such as...
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Non-woven Products
Non-woven products have many applications in consumer and industrial products, such as surgical masks, gloves, head covers, boot covers, pillow covers, cushion covers, diapers, sanitary napkins and ot...
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Electronic Parts
Rotary die-cut electronic parts are often engaged in complex process. It requires achieving precise product sizes and tolerances, with sophisticated converting process involves dual height cutting
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Global Sales Network

With its excellent product quality, high ratio of performance to value, professional service and technical support, Rotary Technology not only is a leading rotary tooling manufacturer in China, but also exports to many countries and regions, including South East Asia, Southern and Eastern Asia, Middle East, Australia and

New Zealand, Central and South America, and certain parts of Europe and Africa.  

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Rotary Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. is a specialized high precision rotary 

tooling manufacturer with main factory based in Guangzhou China.

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